NZEB Knowledge Series Webinar – Green Conversations: Organic India Integrated Facility

The 12 million square feet Integrated Production Facility for Organic India in Lucknow is a campus designed to support the production, processing, and administrative functions of the holistic wellness brand. This building imbibes local influences to create a sustainable built environment. A gamut of passive design techniques – including terracotta filler slabs in the large-span spaces, and recessed openings to cut out the solar glare, courtyards and lightwells, among other interventions have accorded the project a LEED Platinum rating.

This knowledge series webinar brought together Mr. Balram Singh (COO, Organic India), Mr. Sidhartha Talwar (Principal, Studio Lotus), Mr. Subrata Ray (Senior Team Lead, Studio Lotus), Mr. Gurneet Singh (Director, EDS) showcasing the project features, sharing their experience about bringing this project to life and their perspectives on sustainability.  

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