Building Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP)

Building Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP), world’s largest zero-subsidy energy efficiency retrofit scheme, was launched with MAITREE’s assistance by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) in 2017. It aimed at optimizing energy use in the building sector and catalyzing market transition to cost effective, highly energy efficient building technologies. Retrofits are implemented through Energy Services Company (ESCO) model, wherein upfront investments made by EESL are recovered through monetary savings accrued from reduced energy costs. Lighting and cooling appliances are replaced with BEE 5 Star rated labelled products. 184 thousand tons of CO2e, 75 MW of peak demand, 224 million units of electricity and 28 million USD are saved or averted annually from BEEP projects. Notable BEEP partners include public sector agencies (Maharashtra Public Works Department, Indian Railways, Central Public Work Department) and industries (Mahindra and Mahindra, TATA)

MAITREE’s technical assistance included:

  1. Program rollout
    1. Standardization and development of energy performance contract documentation. This enabled retrofit of 10,000 plus buildings, mobilizing investment of 67 million USD.
    2. Business process optimization
      1. Development of standard project management processes.
      2. Improvement of project execution efficacy by optimizing business processes and developing a central management information system with EESL teams
      3. Design and development of BEEP EPA Development Tool for project design and monitoring tools.
    3. Design scheme for Energy Auditors and ESCO empanelment to build ESCO market and expedite BEEP project audits
  2. Business development
    1. Development of business plan for scaling up BEEP revenue with focus on client engagement, marketing, and resource management.
    2. Development of digital tools to automate ESCO retrofit contracts.
    3. Development of Deep Building Retrofit Action Plan for the state of Rajasthan. Supported a tripartite agreement between USAID, Government of Rajasthan and EESL to finance and implement advanced retrofits in 100 public buildings under the Action Plan.
    4. Benchmarked energy performance of 1,500 buildings of Maharashtra Public Works Department for cost benefit analysis of energy efficiency retrofits.
    5. Design of communication and outreach material.
  3. Energy end use monitoring with smart meters
    1. Design technical specification for hardware suppliers and system integrators to install smart monitoring systems and oversee procurement for installation in 3,000 Maharashtra government buildings.
    2. Implementation of smart meter pilots in central government buildings (NITI Aayog, Shram Shakti Bhawan and 20 other buildings) in Delhi.

MAITREE team collaborated with EESL to develop BEEP dashboard to track progress in retrofit implementation, invoicing, and payment recovery. It has over 100 performance indicators for tracking and links BEEP EPA Development tool, digital platform to prepare energy performance contracts, to the company’s inventory of energy efficient appliances. Check out the BEEP dashboard here:



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