Business Models for EE Market Development

Innovative, self-sustaining business models substitute regulations and subsidies in developing markets for energy efficient building systems. Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) focuses on developing, testing, and then scaling up such models.

MAITREE program assisted EESL in applying two business models, ESCO and Integrated Energy Efficiency Services Model (IEESM), for retrofits of building cooling, lighting, and electrical systems. IEESM enables cost-effective retrofits as it combines multiple project design services and technologies to reduce transaction and overhead costs. Both ESCO and IEESM models finance upfront costs and use monetary savings accrued from energy savings for investment recovery from clients. MAITREE’s technical assistance comprised of:

  1. Concept development for Integrated Energy Efficiency Services Model.
  2. Selection of optimal technologies for Integrated Energy Efficiency Services Model (IEESM) and analysis of minimum project size or take off quantities to guarantee positive return on investment for EESL and its customers. Technologies identified for inclusion were trigeneration systems, decentralized cooling, and lighting.
  3. Design of outreach and marketing content for IEESM.
  4. Organization of private sector engagement events, with focus on banks and industries, to launch and advertise the model.
  5. Developed implementation framework for Super-ESCO business model with ESCOs, financial institutions and World Bank. EESL will deploy this model in partnership with World Bank and IBRD.
  6. Assistance in establishing a project management unit for managing projects centered on Super-ESCO model
  7. Management of selection process of empanelment of energy auditors and ESCOs accredited by Bureau of Energy Efficiency to streamline execution of building energy efficiency retrofits using Super-ESCO model.
  8. Advised in implementing building and industrial energy efficiency projects using Super-ESCO and IIESM model


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