Super-Efficient Air Conditioning Program

Room air-conditions are the fastest growing segment of cooling technologies in India and will have the largest share in national cooling demand by 2030. EESL’s super-efficient Air-conditioning (SEAC) program supports India’s commitment to Paris Climate Agreement, Kigali Amendment, and India Cooling Action Plan. SEAC program is designed on the bulk procurement model to push the cooling technology markets in India toward competitively priced, high energy efficient ACs. SEAC is nearly 30% more efficient than the best-in-the-market product and uses low GWP refrigerants. To encourage consumer demand, EESL also offered comprehensive after sales support and 100% upfront financing through the ESCO model. SEACs in had a minimum ISEER of 5.2 in Phase I and of ISEER 5.4 in Phase II. SEAC program resulted in a price drop of 22% of split air conditioners and pushed all major manufacturers to start supplying split ACs of minimum 5.2 ISEER.

MAITREE advised in

  1. SEAC Program Design and Rollout
    1. Design technical performance specifications and program implementation strategy of the Super-efficient Airconditioning (SEAC) program Phase I and II, 1,50,000 SEACs were procured through the two phases.
    2. Engage with manufacturers and service providers for feedback on performance specifications, and to encourage market interest and participation in the program
    3. Conduct market research to assess efficiency of room air conditioners, product pricing structure, supply chain, and financing schemes by dealers to enhance retail sales of energy efficient ACs. Used this study to advise EESL in SEAC Program design.
    4. Design of the go-to-market strategy and marketing plan for SEAC program and led demand aggregation for SEACs from banking and public sector.
    5. Support in demand aggregation from banking and public sector. Prepared templates for commercial proposals, developed methodology for payback calculators and facilitated access to procurement teams.
    6. Design of marketing and communication material for SEAC program
  2. SEAC ATM Pilots
    1. Design of the SEAC pilot monitoring framework to measure SEAC performance and advised EESL in setting up pilots in Mumbai with HDFC Bank
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