Market development for Gas-based Technologies in India: Sensitivity and Financial Feasibility Analysis for Trigeneration Systems

Trigeneration systems can achieve efficiencies by cutting electricity transmission losses and waste heat utilization. The technology is also is beneficial for the energy-intensive building sector, which constitutes over 30% of India’s the total electricity consumption. India presents a 20,000 MW capacity market for trigeneration systems. With support from MAITREE, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) is taking the lead in creating a robust technology supply mechanism for trigeneration market. MAITREE experts conducted financial viability for trigeneration plants set up under a service model. EESL acquired Edina, a UK based trigeneration service provider, to build and service trigeneration plants in India. MAITREE carried out the following services:

  1. Conducted sensitivity analysis to gas prices to gauge long term business potential of trigeneration plants, financed through ESCO and Pay-As-You-Save models, in India.
  2. Developed financial feasibility analysis models to determine tariffs for cooling, power, and heating, and return on investment for EESL and project owners.
  3. Supported in identifying project pipeline by facilitating meetings with owners of greenfield and brownfield projects.

Harnessing the potential for trigeneration will take India closer to its vision of low carbon growth, energy security & sustainability.

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