Grid-Interactive Net Zero Energy Buildings (G-NZEB) which can be described as ‘highly energy-efficient, grid-connected buildings that meet their energy needs through renewable means, while maintaining a two-way communication with the grid’ are in its nascent stages of adoption in the South Asian region. They are critical to an energy efficient future which taps into demand flexibility offered by buildings and equipment.

The ZerO-In platform, an extension of the Net Zero Energy Buildings Knowledge portal takes the discussion forward from a singular net zero building to high performing, smart, connected and flexible developments which have lower environmental impact. MAITREE’s activities for engagement and outreach include:

  • Informing the audience on G-NZEB background, concepts, definitions, terminologies, resources on grid interactive high performing buildings, especially in the context of their development in India and South Asia.
  • Introducing ZerO-In Dialogues to create the momentum for a transformative push towards G-NZEB in which community, utility, and the grid form symbiotic entities. The dialogue series are envisioned around four tracks – Policy, Design, Technology and Occupants.
  • Developing NZEB Vision and roadmap which is supplemented with simplified factsheets that identify, describe and interpret various aspects related to design of G-NZEB.

The intended audience comprises of policy makers, experts from the building & construction sector, utilities, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, service providers, IoT experts, and public & private sector developers, who can steer the market towards an increased uptake of G-NZEBs.



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