Energy Conservation Building Codes – Web Portal and Mobile Application

To curb the growth of building energy use while continuously improving people’s quality of life has become one of the key challenges for Indian policymakers. As more than half of India’s floorspace is yet to be built, policies targeting energy efficiency in new buildings would be particularly impactful. Building energy codes are pivotal for improving building energy efficiency, as they provide minimum energy efficiency standards for the building industry. Over the last decade, there has been significant effort by the government on policy. Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) 2020 was developed as a model code for commercial buildings at the national level. Similarly, ECO-Niwas Samhita 2021 (formerly known as ECBC-R) was also developed to cater to the residential building segment. These codes are in the process of being adopted at state levels. State level implementation efforts for ECBC and ECO-Niwas Samhita (ENS) through the formation of expert cells and state level training and capacity building workshops aimed at a nationwide implementation, compliance, and enforcement are being carried out. To support the government’s initiatives for mainstreaming building energy codes, and with a vision to access building energy codes anytime and anywhere, web and mobile application has been developed as a one stop shop knowledge platform on these codes.
Implementation of the ECBC and ENS is critical to improving overall building energy efficiency. Various pilot projects and studies have already shown that energy code compliant buildings are 30-40% better than business as usual in terms of energy consumption. ECBC and ENS website and mobile application will enable wider adoption and propagation of building energy codes in India. The web portal and mobile application are publicly available.

a) Mobile and web interface friendly code including all sections of the codes for both ECBC 2020 and ECO-Niwas Samhita 2021.
b) Design tools and supporting calculators such as window compliance calculator, climate zone finder, envelope tradeoff calculator, etc.
c) State level policies and status on implementation.
d) Resources such as codes, user-tip sheets, guides, state codes.
e) Relevant News

ECBC Website  

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