ZerO-in Dialogue 03: Consumer Engagement for Grid Interactive Net Zero Energy Buildings

Grid interactive buildings are smart – enabling data analytics to optimally manage loads, occupant preferences,and grid requirements. However, there is growing recognition that technology alone cannot achieve energy efficiency goals. Occupant behaviour and preferences must align with energy conservation and demand response objectives. The dialogue hosts Mary Ann Piette from LBNL, showcasing CalFlexHub, a platform for advancing dynamic energy management.

The California Load Flexibility Research and Development Hub (CalFlexHub) brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts from numerous sectors—including industry, utilities, academia, manufacturers, and non-profits—to identify, evaluate, develop, fund, and demonstrate promising pre-commercial energy efficiency and distributed energy resource technologies that are flexible, interoperable, and grid-integrated. A key objective of the program is to Identify ways to improve usability of technology solutions to increase consumer benefits.

The discussion, third in the series, hosted Mary Ann Piette (Director, Building Technology and Urban Systems Division; Director, Demand ResponseResearch Center ,LBNL), Mary Tyler Holmes (Deputy Director, Indo-Pacific Office, USAID/India),Atul Bali (Chief General Manager, National Smart Grid Mission), Apurva Chaturvedi (Senior Clean Energy Specialist, USAID/India), Tanmay Tathagat (Director, Environmental Design Solutions) and Piyush Varma (Associate Director, EDS [MAITREE]).  

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