Zero-In conclave: Net Zero-Buildings, Grids and Cities

MAITREE has supported uptake of cutting-edge technologies, innovative business models, and promoted end user engagement for large scale interventions to accelerate adoption of energy efficiency strategies and technologies.

The ZerO-In Conclave marks the closure of the MAITREE program and showcases the work done by the program and its partners in accelerating energy efficiency market transformation in India. Held virtually on January 28th 2022, the conclave also included a panel of global experts to share insights on steering cities towards net zero emission.

The second session brought global thinkers and experts at the forefront of practice and research to share their perspectives and experiences on Net Zero Cities. 

The session of the conclave brought together Nidhi Gupta (Associate Director, EDS, USAID MAITREE),Zachary Michael Berzolla (Sustainable Design Lab, MIT), Padu S. Padmanaban (Author, International Expert Energy & Water), Shruti Narayan (C40 Cities), Mili Majumdar (GBCI India & USGBC), Jack Mayernik (NREL), Elena Thomas-Kerr (Department of Energy), Dr. A. K. Tripathi (Ex DG NISE), Emani Kumar (Executive Director, ICLEI), Dr. Gaurav Bhatiani (CoP, USAID SAREP) and Avani Agarwal (WRI). Nidhi Gupta presented on the topic of the discussion , followed by Zachary Berzolla who gave a technical session on UBEM modelling software developed by MIT. The session was led by John Smith-Sreen (Director, Indo-Pacific Office of USAID/India), Apurva Chaturvedi (Senior Clean Energy Specialist, USAID/India) and Tanmay Tathagat (Director, Environmental Design Solutions).

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