ZerO-in Conclave: Energy Efficiency Market Transformation Towards Net Zero Emissions

MAITREE has supported uptake of cutting-edge technologies, innovative business models, and promoted end user engagement for large scale interventions to accelerate adoption of energy efficiency strategies and technologies.

The ZerO-In Conclave marks the closure of the MAITREE program and showcases the work done by the program and its partners in accelerating energy efficiency market transformation in India. Held virtually on January 28th 2022, the conclave included a panel of global experts to share insights on steering cities towards net zero emission.

The first session of the conclave brought together Alok Kumar (Secretary, Ministry of Power), Arun Kumar Mishra, (CEO, Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. (EESL)), Atul Bali, (Chief General Manager, National Smart Grid Mission (NSGM)), Indu Shekhar Singh, (Chief Engineer, Lucknow Development Authority (LDA)), N. Janaiah, (VC&MD, Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation (TSREDCO)), Prof. Sunaina Singh, (VC, Nalanda University), K S Venkatagiri (Executive Director, IGBC) and Farid Yaker (Head SPP, UN Environment) who presented whitepapers and reports on the initiatives developed through MAITREE. The session was led by Veena Reddy (Mission Director, USAID-India), John Smith-Sreen (Director, Indo-Pacific Office of USAID/India), Apurva Chaturvedi (Senior Clean Energy Specialist,USAID/India) and Tanmay Tathagat (Director, Environmental Design Solutions).

MAITREE addressed the interlinked challenge of cooling and building energy efficiency through three components. 

Energy Efficiency in Buildings, leverages public private partnerships to enhance the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings

Sustainable Cooling, induces building cooling technology market transformation through large scale super energy efficient cooling technologies deployment programs. 

Training, Consumer Engagement and Outreach, advances integration of sustainable building technologies through skill development of professionals and consumer education about benefits of energy efficiency.

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