ZerO-In Dialogue 04: Enabling Policies for G-NZEBs

Growing electricity demand, emergence of multiple peaks, distributed power, electric vehicles, infrastructure constraints, and an increasing share of renewables in the network are a challenge for the utilities in India and South Asia. As the electricity grid becomes increasingly complex, flexibility in demand plays a vital role in ensuring its efficiency and stability.

The 4th ZerO-In Dialogue brings a global perspective on cutting-edge strategies, utility program approaches, and opportunities in the fast-developing building-grid integration space.

Smita Gupta and Alexi Miller from USA’s New Buildings Institute delve into the details of GridOptimal Buildings and discuss behind-the-meter distributed energy resources, utility program best practices, design and operational building strategies, and key barriers to expanding demand flexibility and time-of-use targeted energy efficiency in buildings across India and beyond. The discussion was further expanded by Atul Bali (Chief General Manager, National Smart Grid Mission), Tanmay Tathagat (Director, Environmental Design Solutions) and Nidhi Gupta (Associate Director, Environmental Design Solutions).

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