Roundtable on Integrated Energy Efficiency Services Model (IEESM)

The Roundtable on Integrated Energy Efficiency Services Model (IEESM) held at Mumbai on March 11th, focused on stakeholder engagement in the energy efficiency sector. The roundtable was organised under the U.S.-India bilateral MAITREE programme for exploring opportunities in the energy efficiency domain by leveraging EESL’s unique IIESM which can deliver major economic and environmental benefits.

Integrated Energy Efficiency Services Model (IEESM) has been developed with EESL to deliver the maximum benefits of EESL’s expertise at a low cost to the customers. Spanning energy efficient appliances, power generation technologies, metering devices and sustainable transportation, the integrated services model has the potential to enable energy efficiency at multiple points of usage. The IEESM business model further combines multiple technologies and services with financing to ease integration of energy efficiency in buildings.

Experts from across industries and sectors with an interest in energy efficiency, such as HVAC experts, architects and industry leaders participated in the event, and several MoUs were signed to demonstrate their endorsement of EESL’s integrated energy efficiency services model with Global Innovation & Technology Alliance, BAIF Development Research Foundation, IIT Bhubaneswar, Data Matrix, Inc., and Arvind Mills.

EESL and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have partnered to develop strategies for roll-out of scalable, market led solutions for sustainable cooling technologies and super-efficient buildings under the MAITREE program. MAITREE is collaborating with EESL in developing business strategies for cost effective, energy efficient buildings with special focus on cooling.

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