NZEB Knowledge Series Webinar – Evaporative Cooling Technologies

Given a predominantly hot climate in India, nearly half of a typical commercial building’s energy demand comes from comfort cooling making it a critical factor in deciding building performance. The type of cooling system plays an important role in the overall energy efficiency, comfort, operational cost of a building and its environmental impact. Modern evaporative cooling systems are a great low energy alternative to conventional refrigerant-based systems – they are relatively inexpensive, clean, energy-efficient and highly versatile.

The webinar hosted Mr.Shamkant Mirashi, head of ‘Arka Clean Technology‘ and who has over a decade’s experience of designing evaporative cooling systems for industrial-scale setups. He is a serial entrepreneur in energy-efficient tech, has perfected low-energy cooling systems for retrofit as well as greenfield projects, designed and built around an entirely home-grown heat exchanger. In the webinar, he discussed the different types of evaporative cooling technologies and their applications. He explained how contemporary designs can work across climate types and why he believes indirect evaporative cooling-assisted HVAC is the future of low-energy cooling.

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