NZEB Knowledge Series Webinar – Daylight Technologies

Daylighting is key to reducing lighting loads in an energy-efficient building. Along with traditional side lighting and skylights, innovations like light tubes, light shelves, and daylighting panels optimize available daylight while reducing heat gain.  Adequate daylighting reduces dependence on artificial light and is thus key to NZEBs. Appropriate use of windows, skylights, clerestories, and other apertures in the building provide means to harvest daylight. Modern technology even integrates daylighting systems with electric lighting to optimize lighting energy use. This webinar hosted Mr. Sekhar Nori, CEO of Skyshades Inc., and an award-winning daylighting solutions expert who has perfected cutting-edge daylighting and shading solutions adapted for the Indian climate and customized for different applications. He discussed various technologies and controls for harvesting daylight.

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