NZEB Knowledge Series Webinar – High performance glazing technology

Glazing is integral to building design today. Glazing is an extremely important component in contemporary buildings, providing daylighting and views. Poor choices for glazing design impacts visual comfort, thermal comfort and escalates the building energy demand. In the tropical/composite climatic conditions of the Indian sub-continent, a fully glazed building with all its blinds down in the daytime is a common sight. Hence, it is important to use glass wisely with appropriate design and technologies. Understanding the key properties of glass and its impact on building energy use will empower the designer/decision-maker to make the right choice on the amount of glazing and the way it is used.
This webinar focused on the high-performance attributes of glass with case studies showing how a balance can be achieved between energy efficiency and daylighting along with the the advanced glazing technologies available today. It hosted Mr. Venugopal Ravi, design manager at Saint Gobain who discussed the key technical parameters to arrive at the best-suited glass through theory and simulations. He also elaborated on technological innovations which are currently shaping the market with the help of case studies.

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