NZEB Knowledge Series Webinar – Building Performance Tools

Building simulation can take sustainable design to the next level. The tech services team at Environmental Design Solutions [EDS] has developed beta tools for streamlining code compliance and workflow for sustainable design.
The webinar brought on board the developers to explain and demonstrate the building performance tools. The following tools were covered:
1. Baseline Automation for ECBC: The tool translates the Proposed Design Simulation Input Definition File (IDF) into a Baseline Case IDF using Python-based scripting language.
2. LIT tool: The tool is developed to speed up Daylighting for LEED compliance. It automates geometry creation and output generation for LEED submission. The user just needs to draw polylines in a prescribed format and assign relevant inputs for compliance modelling.
3. CLACS tool: The web-based tool assists in designing Chiller Plants for buildings. It uses an annual simulation-based approach that uses sequential parametric algorithms to facilitate early design insights towards chiller sizing and operation control.

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