NZEB Tour | CII-Sohrabji Green Business Centre, Hyderabad

A tour of CII-Sohrabji Green Business Centre at Hyderabad was organised on November 22, 2019.

The tour received 17 participants, including those from Terra Viridis, CnT Architects, Podar Education Network, Swadharma Architects, Design Shades, Embassy Property Developments Pvt Ltd and Goyani Group. The Centre has won accolades for being the first platinum rated green building in India with an EPI of 85 kWh/m2/year, owing to the adoption of active and passive building techniques.

The Centre is a pioneer for the integration of bi-facial photovoltaic panels in buildings in India. These photovoltaics have  4 -5% better efficiency than conventional photovoltaics. The salient features of the building include form modulation for mutual shading, north-lighting panels to tap in soft daylight, extended shading systems to cut-off glare, sloping roofs to allow easy installation of  PV panels, energy efficient HVAC systems, and many more. This facility is an exemplary example of  retrofitting buildings towards net zero energy..      


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