NZEB Knowledge Series Webinar – Renewable Energy Technologies for NZEBs

NZEBs (Net Zero Energy Buildings) are highly energy-efficient buildings that can generate enough on-site renewable power to offset their energy demand. In the India, as efficient renewable technologies become increasingly accessible and cost-effective, there is a great opportunity for the building sector to advance towards net-zero targets.


Being one of the nations that is leading the fight against climate change, India has set its sight on expanding the energy generation from renewable energy sources. But with the pace at which India is currently developing, the energy needs of India are also growing rapidly. This calls for focus on responsible energy consumption, which inevitably leads us towards the importance of constructing more NZEBs in India.


This webinar discussed three renewable energy technologies that can be used for on-site energy generation in NZEBs- rooftop solar (RTS), Building Integrated Photovoltaics and small wind turbines. The panel comprised of experts for each technology- Mr. Gaurav Gupta, an industry veteran and the Director of Linear Energy, discussed the opportunities and challenges of RTS. Mr. Mhd. Shamir Khader, Business Developer at Wallvision BV, shared his insights on the BIPV technology, market and opportunities. And the last panel member Mr. Arun George, Founder and CEO of AvantGarde Innovations, discussed the development in SWTs and their feasibility.

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