NZEB Knowledge Series Webinar – High performance by design : Avasara Academy

Avasara Academy is a residence school campus located in Lavale (near Pune) and is an example of modern architecture that meets vernacular design by Case design using passive design principles achieving net-zero energy.

A climate-responsive massing, strategic program placement, and locally sourced wooden shades in combination with overhangs set the stage for passive climate strategy. Earth ducts with solar chimney provide natural ventilation, cooling and year-round comfort eliminating the use of mechanical cooling systems. A handful of solar water heaters provides hot water for showers and PV panels on the building roof supplies electricity for ceiling fans and electric lighting in the building, making it also a Net-zero Energy Building.

The webinar featured project architect Samuel Barclay, Founder, Case design who discussed about the design process and detail of the building.

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