NZEB Knowledge Series Webinar – Metrics That Matter

There is a compelling business case for energy-efficient buildings. When done right, new buildings can achieve energy efficiency at almost no added costs. However, sustainability as a business case works only if the right steps are taken in the right order with an integrated approach. Further, proposals must be presented in a language that decision-makers can easily understand, translated into metrics that matter to them.

In this webinar, industry veteran Aalok Deshmukh discusses how to identify the right metrics to tell a project’s high-performance story, making sure it is geared towards the decision-maker or client. . He also illustrates how an integrated whole-building design approach helps reduce costs and maximize benefits of different design measures. The attendees also learnt the success stories of different project teams at Infosys and CARBSE. These storytelling strategies have the potential to create a big impact and seize the full opportunity of sustainable building design. The webinar also looked at how this approach applies to designing various systems like cooling, lighting as well as whole buildings. The discussion shall help attendees present their sustainable design proposal to decision-makers with greater impact.

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