NZEB Knowledge Series Webinar – EDGE Net Zero Carbon Certification

With the realization that all new buildings must operate at zero net carbon by 2030 to enable meeting the global climate targets, IFC’s EDGE green building certification system has introduced a Zero Carbon (ZC) recognition for high-achieving projects. ZC is an operational certification that is available for projects that achieve carbon neutrality with 40% or more energy savings on-site, achieving 100% through renewables or topping off with carbon offsets. While incorporating the ZC standard, EDGE maintains its unique position as a global green label that is aimed at market transformation with a low cost of entry, transparency of financial cost and benefit and easily understandable standards. This webinar hosted Mr.Autif Sayyed, technical lead for IFC’s Green Building program across Asia and Pacific and Ms.Shruti Narayan, lead IFC’s Green Building Program in South Asia.

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