NZEB Knowledge Series Webinar – Post COVID Workplace Environment

Post COVID comeback and how things would unfold across workspace are a big question once lockdown restrictions lift. The pandemic has shaken the workplace environment and the post COVID scenario will have to accommodate social distancing measures while still ensuring social interaction. Both small and large offices will need to rethink aspects like interior layouts, fresh air provisions, biophilic design as well as housekeeping. Frequently used surfaces may need to use anti-bacterial finishes and materials while office automation and IoT can help monitor health and detect risks. Occupant health and wellness will emerge as a priority area for building management. In this webinar, the EDS team explored the role of workplace environments in ensuring public health and preventing future pandemics while minimizing their environmental footprints. Mr.Ashutosh Gupta, Lead Health and Sustainability Assessment Division and Ms. Medha, Health and Sustainability Consultant at EDS talk about workplace health and well-being, a nexus approach in energy-water-waste-health and the translation of holistic wellness strategies into the architecture and ergonomics of building design.

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