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The webinar hosts Laurent Fournier, an architect based in Kolkata. He obtained his architecture degree in 2004 from Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville, where he was inspired to defend vernacular architecture with the help of rationality and science.

Laurent describes his approach and inspiration for design in the following words- “My father Pierre taught me the importance of architectural and natural heritage, and my mother Danielle, of avoiding hypocrisy. My teachers in Waldorf School gave me the confidence that the solution to everything lies in being an artist. I have been privileged to work for or with artisans, engineers, architects, owners and partners who taught or entrusted me, a beautiful range of techniques, from wooden frame housing to shallow masonry domes, including bamboo frames, adobe domes, Catalan vaulting, steel frames, and of course, permeating every construction of our times, reinforced concrete.”

The session was moderated by Ar. Sanjay Prakash, Principal at SHiFT. Ar. Dharmesh Vikramsinh Jadeja, Principal of Dustudio, Auroville gave the introduction.

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