NZEB Knowledge Series Webinar – Personal Thermal Comfort Systems Introduction and Overview

Air-conditioned buildings are conventionally designed and operated to maintain homogeneous thermal conditions within thermal zones. Maintaining the occupied and unoccupied thermal zones at the same thermal conditions lead to higher energy consumption. More importantly, homogeneous thermal conditions do not address the need for individual thermal comfort preferences of the building occupants. A personal comfort system (PCS) allows the occupants to create desired localized thermal conditions around workstations in the office environment.

In this webinar, Prof Rajan Rawal a CRDF Professor at CEPT University and Executive Director of “Centre for Advanced Studies in Building Science and Energy” (CARBSE) at CEPT Research and Development Foundation has deliberated on the approaches adopted for the PCS to deliver the desired conditions. It also deals with investigative methods adopted to understand the impact of the PCS on achieving thermal comfort, energy, and well being of the building occupant. The webinar includes metrics and conditions prescribed by the literature to design and operate PCS in the buildings.

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