ZerO-in Dialogue 01: Grid Interactive Net Zero Energy Buildings

The electricity requirements of most countries in South Asia have grown tremendously, and the demand has been running ahead of supply. So far, building energy demand and grid services have been distinct discussions, with the only overlapping interface being that of renewable energy. Even though buildings are key drivers of electricity demand, they can also be part of the solution for the challenges faced by the utilities.

Grid-Interactive Net Zero Energy Buildings (G-NZEB) can serve the needs of both consumers and distribution utilities while reducing the overall energy consumption, balancing the energy demand, and providing best economic value to the energy supplier and the customer.

The first session of the ZerO-in Dialogue Series brought together John Smith-Sreen (Director, Indo-Pacific Office, USAID/India), Apurva Chaturvedi (Senior Clean Energy Specialist, USAID/India), Atul Bali (Chief General Manager, National Smart Grid Mission), Arun Kumar Mishra (CEO, Energy Efficiency Services Limited), Neelam Janaiah (VC & MD, Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation), Ralph DiNola (CEO, New Buildings Institute) and Tanmay Tathagat (Director, Environmental Design Solutions).

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