ZerO-In Dialogue 02: Emerging Technologies in G-NZEBs

Growing electricity demand, emergence of multiple peaks, distributed power, electric vehicles, infrastructure constraints, and an increasing share of renewables in the network are a challenge for the utilities in India and South Asia. As the electricity grid becomes increasingly complex, flexibility in demand plays a vital role in ensuring its efficiency and stability.

Grid-Interactive Net Zero Energy Buildings provide flexibility by reducing energy waste and balancing energy use during times of peak demand through climate responsive design, appliance and equipment efficiency, interactive technology, and integrated renewable solutions. This dialogue focused on emerging and innovative technologies that enable tapping on to the demand flexibility offered by buildings and appliances, in turn empowering utilities with improved demand management.

The second session of the ZerO-In Dialogue Series brought together John Smith-Sreen (Director, Indo-Pacific Office, USAID/India), Apurva Chaturvedi (Senior Clean Energy Specialist, USAID/India), Atul Bali (Chief General Manager, National Smart Grid Mission), Mona Chandra (Manager of Distributed Energy Resources, National Grid, Waltham MA), Amrita Chowdhury (Co-founder, Gaia Smart Cities), Arjun P Gupta (Founder and CEO, Smart Joules), Tanmay Tathagat (Director, Environmental Design Solutions) and Nidhi Gupta (Associate Director, EDS [MAITREE]).

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